Slumber Valley Campground

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248 Meshoppen Creek Road, Meshoppen, PA 18630
Phone: 570-833-5208

Slumber Valley Campground is located along the Meshoppen Creek and nestled in the heart of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s scenic Endless Mountains. Developed in 1963 for family outdoor recreation, Slumber Valley offers all family members access to the pure pleasure of natural serenity in rustic surroundings. A well-stocked trout stream, the Meshoppen Creek rushes a winding path through the campground before reaching the splendor of a 20-foot waterfall cascading over rocks worn smooth with the ages. High above the falls, a scenic overlook allows visitors a breathtaking view of the creek and the fern-covered rugged cliffs cut from glaciers millions of years ago. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recognized the beauty of this creek by including it in its annual Scenic River poster series.

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